Contrasting Color Palettes

While searching for a new house it’s been fun to think of how we’ll paint the exterior. Austin is full of funky homes with wild colors – like these babes – and it got me thinking about the power of contrasting hues. Specifically, different hues of the same color. Coral next to blush pink, royal blue next to teal, and so on.

Check out the color wheel below for examples:

Previously I’ve stayed away from mixing variations of the same color for fear of clashing – like the old adage “never match reds.” But pairing two hues on opposite sides of the spectrum bring out the best in each other, clashing in the best way.

Here’s an exploration of my favorite virtual combos, TBD on whether they make it to house paint:

Top: blue with red
Bottom: blue with yellow
Top: yellow with green
Bottom: yellow with orange
Top: purple with red
Bottom: purple with blue
Top: green with yellow
Bottom: green with blue
Top: red with orange
Bottom: red with purple

Here are splashes of the last combo from above: red-orange and bluish-pink:

Clockwise from top left: Gather Journal, Greenhouse Interiors, and Opening Ceremony

My favorite pairs are the reds and yellows, and my least favorite is the green. What’s your fave?


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