Sweet July Update

Wow, so much as happened since I posted last.

1 . Black Lives Matter.

2. I started a monthly newsletter. It’s rad. Sign up here!

3. I recently finished a campaign with Wonderkind for the coffee brand Golden Ratio, both based here in Austin, Texas. Sunny selects from the shoot below!

I always enjoy shooting and set styling with fresh food. My favorite moment on this set was creating the large spread of fruits and pastries (above)—apricots, tangerines, grapes, blackberries, croissants, and one donut! I see props as the peripheral clues that tell a viewer what the product tastes, smells, or feels like, so they play a key role in adding to the tapestry of a still life photo.  

I’m looking forward to the next large shoot next week and all the fun props I researched and gathered for it. Lots of textural stones, sculptural accents, and buttery tones.

In the meantime, stay refreshed y’all ✌️

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