My Color Therapy in the Time of COVID-19

The worldwide spread of the Corona virus has been devastating, and it’s unsure when the solution will arrive. While I’m grateful my family and friends are safe and also that I’m safely in my home (with extra creative space and fully-fledged Internet) — I have escalating anxiety on many levels.

One healthful outlet is color therapy. I find studying colors very soothing. While social activities are nixed, I’m turning inward and playing with hues through photography and painting. One color in particular that sticks out in images I covet online, on paper, or on canvas is the subdued but brilliant lilac.

Photo Credits — 1 Pomelo x Domino; 2 Diane Villadsen for Ladygunn; 3 Herbivore; 4 Mara Hoffman Fall 2020; 5 @knowsphotos (Texas laurel, in bloom around Austin)

Here are playful examples of how I’d pair lilac with other hues:

Also, I made a photo series for International Women’s Day (slide 3) and included this soft cotton piece. What a beautiful piece of fabric! Looking forward to using it as a proper background on set and possibly in a handmade garment.

What do you think of the color? What creative outlets are you trying while we’re in this pandemic?

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