DIY Maternity Leave Note

As a freelance photographer, I’m working on crafting my own maternity leave policy. Usually the company you work for full-time has its own rules and structure around parental leave, so it’s freeing and also a little nerve-wracking to make my own custom version. The fun part of this is making sweet notes for email inquiries and for social media letting people know that I’ll be with my bebe!

Below are three inspiration pieces I found for crafting my note. I love the type play from Ritual and the bright, feminine color palettes by Mélanie Johnsson and Block Shop Textiles. (So much so that I actually just switched my phone background from #SeasonalScreenshots to BST’s design!)

By Ritual
By Mélanie Johnsson
By Block Shop Textiles

Here’s my design take:

Enjoy! Feel free to use with credit ©Miachel Breton.


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