Process: Mushroom Shoot for Sephora

Sephora (a French make-up retailer with a big following in the US) now carries several mushroom-based products. To help promote these awesome fungi-inspired lotions, creams, and serums, my team at mbg is running a custom photo feature. The art direction is a modern forest scene – for the mushrooms to “grow” in – filled with reflective glass, lush ferns, and rich greens & golds. Def one of the most fun collabs to date!

mbg_Sephora_Sephora_Mushrooms_3x_7383 3

mbg_Sephora_Sephora_Mushrooms_3x_7461 1

mbg_Sephora_Sephora_Mushrooms_3x_7557 2

mbg_Sephora_Sephora_Mushrooms_3x_7595 2

Clients: Sephora & mindbodygreen | Art director: Megan Doty 

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