Eat Your Water: a Photo Series on How to Naturally Stay Hydrated in Summertime

I’ve been getting into Ayurvedic food recently, and one of the premises that fascinates me is how to eat with the seasons. When it’s chilly outside, eat warming foods (literally foods that warm you from the inside out) like soup and roasted veggies. But for like right now in summer… we should try to eat lots of juicy, hydrating foods that cool us from the inside out.

And Mother Nature has our back because right when summertime gets the hottest, veggies & fruits like cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries are at their ripest and ready for eating. These three plants in particular are chockfull of water (hydration) and electrolytes (key minerals necessary for good health).

While learning about these seasonal and nutrient-dense foods (or anything that improves our health through food), I felt a need to get the word out. So I started a new project called “Eat Your Water”, and the first in the series showcases strawberries. 🍓 (Cukes & watermelon are up next!) This is my mission: to use photography to impart the nutritious things that I learn. If you know of any organizations or galleries with a similar mission, let me know.


That covered the research and nutrition part of the series; but what would be the best way to visually impart this rad info? To reflect (ha!) the hydrating and cooling quality of the juicy strawberry, I turned to: aquamarine blue paper for its cooling hues and contrast to the berry’s red; transparent glass to mimic frost and water vapor; and a mirror to amp up the reflectiveness.

I’ve also been challenging myself to create more videos, even if they’re gifs of photos sewn together, so I played with manually moving a piece of acetate in front of the camera to mimic evaporating water. It was pretty hilarious at first trying to get the acetate to reflect the lighting just right… lots of funky outtakes, but it worked out great in the end. Practice vid below:


Here’s a link to the actual video! What’s your favorite hydrating summer snack?

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